About us

The primary focus of Cochrane Review Groups is to provide reliable evidence required to make important decisions on health issues. Cochrane Review Groups facilitate the identification of reports of clinical trials and carry out systematic reviews of available evidence. These are published on the Cochrane Library, and updated periodically as new evidence is identified. This ensures that Cochrane Reviews are relevant, useful, usable, and used.

The aim of Cochrane Long-term Conditions and Ageing is to support and help coordinate work across across multiple Cochrane Review groups dealing with similar topics.

To accommodate the large number of groups in this network, as well  as the wide range of scope, methodological interest, and geographical locations, the Cochrane Review groups have been split into two distinct Long-term Conditions and Ageing Networks; Long-term Conditions and Ageing Network 1 (Senior Editor: TBC. Associate Editor: Liz Bickerdike) and Long-term Conditions and Ageing Network 2 (Senior Editor: Peter Tugwell. Associate Editor: Nuala Livingstone). You can see how the Cochrane Review groups have been distributed in this table.

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